InsulationInadequate insulation is one of the leading causes of energy waste in most Michigan homes. Air infiltrates into and out of your home around doors, windows, holes and cracks. Improving your home’s insulation will save money and improve comfort by creating a more uniform temperature inside.

    Paramount Roofing offers full installation services for both commercial and residential customers. All of our employees pride themselves on being hard working, safe, and professional, and each of our locations stocks a full selection of insulation products. Our goal is to be a leader in the offering and application of advanced insulation, fireproofing and acoustical systems – both green and traditional – while allowing flexibility and imagination for the architectural design process.

    Macomb, Oakland, St. Clair, and Lapeer Counties Blown-In Insulation Services

    Blown-in insulation, otherwise known as blow-in or blown insulation, is a high-performance insulation service with improved energy efficiency when compared to traditional batt or roll insulation installation. The main difference between the two is that batt insulation rolls out and blankets the areas of your attic. In contrast, blow-in insulation quickly coats your attic with a single hose application.

    Insulation Services

    According to the United States Department of Energy, many American homes aren’t insulated properly. Plus, Paramount Roofing knows how many older homes there are in Metro Detroit; therefore, it’s important to know when to replace attic insulation as necessary. We know how important it is to keep the insulation in your attic maintained and refrained from crumbling.

    For walls, blown insulation is a practical way to improve R-values of your stud cavities. This is a more affordable means than removing wall surfaces and installing rolls of batt insulation. Though, blown insulation is not always the best solution for walls. Considering older homes in the area, wall cavities may have obstacles, such as electrical work, fire hazards, and plaster studs that get in the way of the installation path of the insulation. Our expert technicians at Paramount Roofing have techniques for working around these obstacles.

    Save Money on Energy Costs With The Best Insulation

    Insulating attics and around doors and windows can be a very cost-effective way to save energy costs. Your savings from adding insulation depends on many factors, though, including the age of your home, its current insulation status, and the size and type of construction. In addition, the local climate and your family’s living habits will also affect your savings, Let us inspect your residential or commercial roof and insulating to see if your home is up to Michigan insulation standards.

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