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Includes all single-family steep slope full roof replacement projects. Projects must be installed by April 30th of 2023 to qualify.**

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Your roof can help make your house beautiful, but its main job is protection, and Grand Blanc, MI, roof replacement keeps it on duty for decades. Precision roof installation, quality materials, and careful detail checks ensure that the layers do their job. They keep stormy weather out, insulate your home against energy loss, and even block creatures from moving in. Plus, a new roof looks great on your home.

In addition to planned replacement following regular inspections, your roof may need replacement after storm damage or other destructive forces. Again, navigating the process of getting quotes, dealing with insurance if necessary, and ensuring timely and thorough reserve pays off. On average, with expert installation, you get 25 to 50 years of protection, depending on the material.

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Professional roof replacement for homes and businesses, done right, is a complex project with many essential details to tend to. In addition to the solid underlayment, carefully installed layers, and well-sealed edges, there are protrusions such as chimneys, skylights, vents, and HVAC equipment. Each one requires seal renewal and careful inspection because the entire package needs to last for decades. As essential protection for the property and people below, a quality roof installation is a source of pride for the team that performs it.

Depending on the purpose, roofing materials can include high-quality shingles, long-lasting and beautiful metal roofing, and membrane roof installations using materials like TPO. We install on homes and businesses with complex, sloped roofs or flat roofs using various materials with more than 50 years of service lives.


  • Worn and discolored shingles with granules missing
  • Missing flashing and sealant
  • Damaged or missing shingles
  • Roof damage from weather
  • Attic leaks revealing a loss of roof integrity


As professional roofers at Paramount Roofing, we carefully create roof installations that match your home or business character and colors. In addition to classic shingles, we offer long-lasting, tight-sealing metal roofing for homes and businesses and energy-efficient TPO membrane roofing. Expansive flat roofs with multiple protrusions and complex residential designs are all in our repertoire. With decades of individual experience and over a decade as a team, we’ve helped customers invest in long-lasting protection for their properties with our expert instalinstallers’and top quality materials. We’re We’re+ rated, with Angie’Angie’s Service awards and other recognition, certified by leading manufacturers, and here for the long term.

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