Someone that shows optimism, self-compassion and is happy for others success. One that inspires others around them to look at issues with a positive light, turning problems into opportunities. Be someone your teammates want to be around and someone you can be proud of.


Someone who takes initiative to complete tasks. When you go above and beyond without having to be told or rewarded to do it. One that can push forward and adapt to the unpredictable and/or tough circumstances.


Someone who takes pride in who they are and what they do both in the workplace and out. One that wakes up each day with a purpose both personally and professionally. One that sets goals and works towards them with 100% effort to achieve.


One showing patience and willingness to provide our customers with the best service possible, using all of our core values to make any situation or issue into a positive one. Also speaking with knowledge and experience to deliver an excellent overall experience.


Showing pride for our teammates and customers alike. Treating and respecting those around you. Making decisions and taking actions for the greater good of the company. Wearing the colors with respect, as if you own them whether at work or not.