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Includes all single-family steep slope full roof replacement projects. Projects must be installed by April 30th of 2023 to qualify.**

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If your residential or commercial property in Waterford, MI, needs a roof replacement, you deserve the best service. Replacing your old roof safeguards you against severe weather and can improve HVAC efficiency. In addition, your new roof can increase curb appeal and property value with suitable materials.

Whether you need a sloping or flat roof installation, we have the skills to do it. Making the upfront investment in quality roofing could have significant benefits for decades.

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Our commitment to quality workmanship and exceptional customer service has made us the #1 choice for roofing services in the area


Before scheduling your new roof installation, consider a few things. Cost, durability, maintenance needs, and other factors will depend on the roofing type and materials used. While many people are used to seeing flat roofs mostly on commercial properties, homeowners can also choose this type. Flat roofs are made with the same materials as sloping roofs, but their shape requires a different drainage system or a slight incline to divert water.


  • Spacious rooftop area
  • Easier to heat or cool
  • Easier repairs and maintenance
  • Fewer building materials needed

Materials also make a big difference. Should you choose asphalt, wood shake, or slate shingles? How about trying something new? TPO (or thermoplastic olefin) is designed for flat roofs and is often used commercially. Its weather resistance makes it great for versatile applications, from a flat roof shed to a shopping center. Metal is a great option if you have a sloped roof installed. Metal shingles have excellent durability, and you can order them in many colors to fit your exterior design. Whichever style and material you choose, you’ll need an experienced roofer to complete the replacement. Our roofing experts only recommend top-of-the-line products that you can trust. Whenever you’re ready, Paramount Roofing is here to help.


Paramount Roofing is proud to deliver great roof replacements throughout Waterford. Even as one of the largest contractors in the area, our goal is to connect with each customer. Our experienced roofers are polite, prompt, and enthusiastic about helping you meet your project goals. Our quality work has earned us many positive reviews, awards, and industry certifications, and we continue to improve everything we do. We have a good team built on trust, and we know our customers can trust us, too. So if there’s roofing to be done, you can rely on us.

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