Are you in need of professional roof repair services in Clarkson, MI? From severe weather and falling trees to normal aging and wear and tear, there are many issues that can contribute to roof damage. Whatever type of issue you’re dealing with, an experienced roofing team can help provide the best solutions to repair and reinforce your roof in a safe, efficient fashion.

Whether your roof is leaking and in need of emergency roof leak repair or it simply needs a simple patch-up procedure to repair broken or missing shingles, you can count on a licensed roofing specialist to get the job done to your satisfaction!

Reliable Roof Repair Services in Clarkson

Some common signs that can indicate your roof is in need of repair include loose or damaged shingles, dangling gutters and downspouts, interior leaks and water stains on walls and ceilings, and missing asphalt shingles and roof sections. If the flashing on your flat roof has separated or you notice pooling water on the roof surface, this can increase its risk of buckling, so you’ll want to schedule flat roof repair services as soon as possible. As roofing material wears down over time, small cracks and holes can develop, leading to interior leaks. A leaking roof is another issue that should be promptly addressed by a flat roof repair contractor.

Keep an eye out for these common signs of roof damage. If you notice anything unusual or suspect an issue with your roof, contact us right away to schedule an inspection!
  • Roof leaks
  • Curling shingles
  • Sun-faded shingles
  • “Bald” spots on shingles where granules have fallen off

If your shingles appear to be stained with black or brown streaks or patches, this may be due to algae growth. Algae is commonly seen on asphalt shingles, because the spores actually feed off the limestone filler material in the shingles. Over time, algae can eat away at your shingles and make them more vulnerable to cracks and damage. If you suspect algae build-up on your roof, your shingles may need to be thoroughly cleaned or replaced.