Experience the Daylight Difference

    VELUX roof windows have been bringing daylight and fresh air into homes around the world for more than 80 years. Our wide range of roof windows and accessories can positively transform your home in many ways, while also improving your indoor environment.

    Bring natural light & fresh air to your space.

    Flat-roof windows

    Add daylight and fresh air to virtually any room in a flat roofed home with a flat-roof window. Flat-roof windows are available as classic domes and in elegant flat and curved glass designs.

    Sun tunnels

    Bring daylight through the roof and into the darkest parts of your home with the innovative sun tunnel system. Sun tunnels use a reflective tube to bring daylight through the roof.

    Smart home, smart skylights

    Automatically create a healthy indoor climate by installing VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO or add VELUX INTEGRA electric roof windows, blinds and shutters for convenient remote-controlled operation. Daylight and fresh air from skylights enhance every home, new or old. As a sponsor of the HGTV® Smart Home 2021, HGTV® Dream Home 2022 and HGTV Urban Oasis® 2021, VELUX® continues its commitment to beautiful and sustainable home design that promotes a healthy lifestyle through advanced skylight technology.

    Smoke and natural ventilation (commercial)

    Natural ventilation provides buildings with fresh air, removing toxins and unwanted fumes from commercial building spaces. Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation, as well as comfort ventilation, can be integrated into rooflights and configured to open and close. Opening rooflight panels can control indoor climate and in the event of fire, reduce risk to building occupants.

    Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylights

    Open and close your skylight with the power of the sun! Fitted with a solar panel, this skylight collects the sun’s energy and uses it to open and close the skylight with a touch of a button.

    Solar Powered

    Electric “Fresh Air” Skylights

    Rather use your home’s electricity to open and close your skylight? The Electric “Fresh Air” Skylight is equipped with a concealed battery that operates the skylight with a remote control.


    Manual “Fresh Air” Skylights

    For skylights within reach, the Manual “Fresh Air” Skylight allows you to easily open and close your skylight with just a turn of a handle.


    Fixed Skylights

    Unlike our “Fresh Air” skylights that open to bring in fresh air, the Fixed Skylight is designed to only bring in natural light to your space, making it ideal for spaces like sunrooms and porches.

    Fixed Skylights

    Flat Roof Skylights

    Worried that you cannot install a skylight because your home has a flat or a low-pitched roof? The Flat Roof Skylight features a curved glass allowing water to disperse and you enjoy uninterrupted natural light.

    Flat Roof Skylights


    Get the maximum amount of daylight possible with the Skymax skylight that gives you flexibility on the size of skylight you want – even up to 10 feet in length!

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