It’s not easy picking a roofing company. Roof repairs and replacement are a huge expense and it isn’t something you should take lightly. If you are careless when you choose a roofing company, you are asking for trouble. A poorly constructed roof can cause you a lifetime of problems, with constant leaks, falling shingles, and more money in repairs than the initial cost of the roof. Here are 5 things any respectable, quality builder will be able to offer you.

1. Good References

Would you expect to be hired for any kind of job without being able to provide references? Why should your roofer be any exception? Any roofing company should be able to provide two or three local references before you consider hiring them. Think of a few important things that you would like to know, such as their overall experience and whether or not their roof has stood the test of time and see what their former clients have to say.

2. Pook of Accreditation

One of the best indicators of a quality company is accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Checking their BBB rating before making a decision will weed out any fraudulent, inexperienced, or unskilled roofers. It is also a good indicator of their ability to build a relationship with a client and be available for them during the course of the job. If a roofer has had an excessive number of complaints filed against them through the BBB then chances are you’re going to want to find a new roofer.

3. Communication

A quality roofer will be able to communicate clearly and openly about your options and his or her work process. Don’t choose a roofer that can’t satisfactorily address all of your questions and concerns. Ask lots of questions, and don’t settle for any answers that aren’t direct and clear. A respectable roofer can answer any questions without avoiding any specific topics or questions.

4. Warranty Coverage

Make sure that your roofer is offering a warranty that covers most, if not all, of their work. Even if you aren’t interested in purchasing a warranty, it’s a sign of a reputable company if they are able to offer you one. If a company does not offer a warranty, it is typically because they are inexperienced, fraudulent, or don’t have enough faith in their own product to guarantee a quality outcome.

5. Comprehensive Insurance

You should never consider hiring a roofer without asking for proof of their insurance. Roofing is a dangerous business. If any injuries occur on your property, even if it is at no fault of your own, and your roofer does not have the proper insurance, you could be held responsible. The same goes for any accidental damage to your home or roof. If your roofer does not have a comprehensive insurance policy, do not take a chance on them.

If a roofing company fails to provide even one of these services it can be a huge red flag. Almost any reputable roofing company will make it a priority to satisfy each and every one of these concerns. If you have yet to find a roofing company in the Shelby Township, MI area, call the roofing specialists at Paramount Roofing today.

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