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8 Most Recommended Roofing Contractors In Rochester Hills, MI

Posted on November 8, 2023

8 Most Recommended Roofing Contractors In Rochester Hills, MI

If you are trying to find the best roofing contractors in Rochester Hills, MI, you’ll see a lot of options pop up on the internet. However, it takes time and effort to find the perfect team that’s worthy of your investment and trust. If you trust in the wrong company, your roof and home may end up becoming more damaged.

To help you find the best roofing partner for your home or business, we’re here with a list Scroll through our list and find the perfect match for your needs, property, and budget.

8 Highly Preferred Contractors in Rochester Hills, MI

Let us begin by stating that our list is carefully curated by industry experts who’ve analyzed every roofing company in the area. The information we’re about to share about these companies is also available on their respective websites and other authoritative sources.

#1 Paramount Roofing

Roofing Contractors In Rochester Hills, MI

Paramount Roofing is a customer-focused roofing company committed to delivering exceptional quality at competitive prices. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, they prioritize building long-term professional relationships by making the roofing process as stress-free as possible. Paramount Roofing aims to be an industry leader in construction solutions, emphasizing unmatched and consistent customer experiences. Their mission revolves around providing outstanding workmanship, effective communication, and high-value solutions tailored to individual needs. 

Recognized with the 2020 Angi Super Service Award and holding a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation with an A+ rating, it’s clear that Paramount Roofing values punctuality, honesty, positivity, and passion in its pursuit of excellence. If you are looking for outstanding roofing services in Rochester Hills, MI, this is the best team to trust.

2. Apex Services Co.

Apex Services Co. is dedicated to ensuring homes and businesses have safe, secure, and reliable roofs. They offer high-quality services at affordable prices, utilizing the highest quality materials and techniques for lasting results. Following a comprehensive roofing process, the company places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and staying updated with the latest industry trends. The team at Apex Services Co. brings extensive experience to every project, ensuring homes and businesses receive first class roofing solutions.

3. John McCarter Construction

Established in 1991, John McCarter Construction is among the oldest roofing companies in Rochester Hills. With a commitment to excellence, John McCarter Construction has stood the test of time, consistently delivering reliable roofing solutions to its customers. The company is founded on principles of quality and trust, ensuring that every project meets their high standards. Working with them entails getting the help of trustworthy staff with high qualifications, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and high-quality products. 

4. Select Property Solutions

With over 20 years of experience, Select Property Solutions is a punctual and goal-oriented roofing company offering free estimates and professional consultations. They prioritize customer satisfaction, providing real references from past customers to showcase their dedication to quality service. The company’s friendly and helpful crews also ensure that work is completed on time with proper expectations, making them one of the most reliable roofing contractors in Rochester Hills, MI.

5. On The Level

Bringing 30 years of experience working with insurance companies, On The Level falls among the most experienced and dependable roofing companies in Rochester Hills, MI. They offer a 10-year workmanship warranty, emphasizing a commitment to quality materials and worker safety. With a focus on providing the best value for their customer’s money, On The Level ensures that each roofing project is completed with the utmost expertise and customer satisfaction.

6. Maple Roofing & Construction

Maple Roofing & Construction is known to be among the most friendly roofing contractors in Rochester Hills, MI, serving the area for over 25 years. As a family-owned business, they pride themselves on treating customers with the utmost respect and professionalism. Maple Roofing stands out by offering good financing options, which makes getting quality roofing solutions accessible for everyone. With a commitment to excellent workmanship, they’ve built a strong reputation for being a trustworthy and customer oriented company.

7. Bloomfield Construction

Bloomfield Construction has been a leading player in the roofing industry for nearly 30 years. Specializing in 24/7 home insurance repairs and commercial roofing, Bloomfield Construction holds an A+ rating with the BBB. This reflects their dedication to providing work of the highest standard along with excellent customer service. Utilizing the latest technology for scheduling, inspecting, and documenting roofing projects, Bloomfield Construction ensures efficiency and precision in every job they undertake, making them a good pick for residential and commercial roofing services in Rochester Hills, MI.

8. American Standard Roofing

American Standard Roofing has an impressive legacy spanning from 1979 to the present day. Recognized for innovation and industry ties, they have become one of the top-rated contractors on Home Advisor. Certified by GAF and CertainTeed, American Standard Roofing ensures the highest quality standards in their work and product quality. The company also collaborates with renowned financing companies, offering customers flexible options to meet their unique roofing needs. With a track record of excellence spanning decades, American Standard Roofing remains a reliable choice for property owners in Rochester Hills.

All of these top-rated companies are recommended by property owners in Rochester Hills, and we hope that you find the perfect roofing contractor for your needs among them. Remember, don’t just choose the cheapest option; utilize some of the tips below to do your own research and find the right one.  

Expert Tips On Choosing The Best Roofing Company In Rochester Hills

Along with verifying the credibility of the contractor, you need to consider some other factors when selecting the right roofing company for your home or business needs.

Local Knowledge

Opt for a roofing company with local knowledge and status. Local contractors are familiar with the specific weather conditions, building codes, and regulations in Rochester Hills. Their understanding of the local environment ensures that they can provide and install roofing materials suitable for the region.

Transparent Communication

Understand the value of effective communication. Choose a company that communicates clearly and promptly throughout the entire process. A reliable roofing contractor should be able to explain the scope of the work, provide a detailed cost estimate, and keep you informed about any potential issues or changes.

Warranty and Guarantees

Ask about the warranties offered by the company. Reputable roofing contractors in Rochester Hills will stand behind their work and the materials they use, providing workmanship warranties that cover installation and repairs. This ensures that you have a solution in case of any unforeseen problems after the project is completed.

Materials and Technology

Get information on the roofing materials and technology the company uses. A reputable roofing contractor should have extensive knowledge of the latest industry trends, able to offer a range of options for you to choose from. Also, make sure that the materials used are of high quality and suited to your specific roofing needs.

Get Multiple Quotes

Don’t settle for the first roofing quote you receive. Instead, gather multiple quotes from different roofing companies. This not only helps you compare costs but also allows you to assess the value each company brings to the table. Don’t forget that the cheapest price may come with a compromise in product or workmanship quality.