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The Top 5 CertainTeed Shingles Of 2023 That Everyone Admires!

Posted on September 28, 2023

The Top 5 CertainTeed Shingles Of 2023 That Everyone Admires!

CertainTeed has established itself as a prominent manufacturer of roofing materials for homeowners who seek durability, aesthetics, and cost-effectiveness all in one. As an industry professional, I have observed the evolution of roofing materials over the years. In 2023, CertainTeed continues to impress with an array of top notch shingles, blending innovation with tradition to offer solutions that meet the diverse needs of homeowners.

Introducing CertainTeed: A Leading Manufacturer of Roofing Shingles

Started in 1904, CertainTeed is a manufacturing company with a rich history in residential and commercial products. From roofing materials to siding and insulation, their offerings encompass a wide array of construction materials. The company strongly advocates environmental responsibility, promoting recycling programs and energy-efficient manufacturing. CertainTeed is known for its world class roofing products produced at state of the art facilities at various locations across North America.

Let’s delve into the compelling reasons why homeowners favor CertainTeed shingles, and why you might want to consider them too.

What’s So Special About CertainTeed Shingles?

Their luxury lines, which include Belmont®, Carriage House®, Grand Manor®, and Presidential Shake®, offer an unparalleled selection for homeowners seeking a premium roofing solution. Here’s why:

#1 Multi-Layered Design

One notable feature that sets their shingles apart is the three layer design, often referred to as triple-laminate shingles. These premium shingles are prized for their durability, longevity, and visual depth. The additional layer lends a heightened profile, resembling the appearance of wood shingles or shakes. Variants like the Landmark® series and Presidential Shake® also fall under this category.

#2 Incredible Longevity

Durability is a hallmark of CertainTeed’s roofing shingles, solidifying its reputation as one of the sturdiest brands available. Known for their thickness, their shingles are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions better than most. Their shingles boast a Class A fire rating, underscoring their commitment to safety and longevity. Plus, most of their shingles have impact resistance ratings of Class 4 and Class 3, the highest ratings possible.

#3 A Color for Every Home

Whether you prefer the classic look of 3-tab shingles or the enhanced visual appeal of dimensional shingles, CertainTeed has you covered. Their 3-tab shingles, XT™ 25, are available in over 20 colors. The ever popular Landmark series, favored by homeowners, features a broad spectrum of over 30 colors to choose from.

#4 Cost-Effectiveness

In addition to their quality and variety, this brand’s roofing shingles are known for being cost-effective. While they offer a wide range of shingles catering to various budgets, what sets them apart is the balance between quality and affordability. They have a product range for every budget, including affordable 3-tab shingles ($70-$85), mid-range architectural styles ($85 to $130), and expensive luxury selections ($160-$245). This allows homeowners to choose a product that fits their aesthetic vision along with their financial plan when considering a roof replacement and other renovations.

Let’s explore 2023’s most trending shingles offered by this leading brand. 

Top 5 CertainTeed Shingles in 2023

CertainTeed offers a wide range of products, and we’ve selected the best of the best. Each of these roof shingles represents a pinnacle of style and durability.

1. Landmark Pro: Defining Durability

Landmark Pro shingle

When it comes to robustness and longevity, the Landmark Pro shingles stand out on the market. Engineered with dual layer construction, these shingles offer unparalleled strength, ensuring your roof is fortified against the harshest weather conditions. The heavy weight design and Max Def color technology make them a popular choice, promising a blend of endurance and aesthetics.

2. Presidential Shake TL: Timeless Elegance

Presidential Shake TL shingles

For those seeking a classic, luxurious appearance for their roof, the Presidential Shake TL shingles are the epitome of sophistication. The triple laminate construction mimics the authentic wood shake look, adding an elegant touch to your home. These shingles not only exude charm but also offer superior durability, making them a top choice for homeowners with fancier tastes.

3. Grand Manor: Unmatched Grandeur

Grand Manor shingles

In the world of high end roofing, Grand Manor shingles reign supreme. Crafted to emulate the lavish look of European clay tiles, these shingles bring an air of opulence to any residence. The extensive color palette and intricate detailing ensure your roof becomes a visual masterpiece. Beyond aesthetics, these CertainTeed roofing shingles offer exceptional durability, making them an investment that lasts a lifetime.

4. XT™ 30 IR: Enhanced Protection

XT™ 30 IR shingles
The Top 5 Certainteed Shingles Of 2023 That Everyone Admires!

CertainTeed’s XT 30 IR shingles are a testament to modern engineering and safety. Infused with impact resistant technology, these shingles provide an extra layer of protection against hail and other impacts, ensuring your roof remains intact for years to come. Despite their enhanced durability, XT 30 IR shingles are lightweight, making installation a breeze. This blend of strength and ease of use positions them as a top choice in the roofing industry.

5. Highland Slate®: The Essence of Nature

Highland Slate shingle

Emulating the natural, rustic beauty of quarried slate, CertainTeed’s Highland Slate shingles are a marvel of design and functionality. With an intricate profile and deep shadow lines, these shingles give your roof a timeless, textured appearance. What sets Highland Slate apart is its blend of aesthetics and modern technology, creating a roof that echoes the grandeur of natural slate while being cost-effective and easy to install. 

As a seasoned industry professional, I can confidently say that these five shingles by CertainTeed are highly recommended for homeowners. When you choose these shingles, you’re not just investing in a roof but in a promise of style, durability, and a solid warranty.

But how do you discover which particular shingle is best for your home? To help you make a decision, I’ll explain the factors you should consider when choosing the right roofing shingles for your home.

How to Choose the Right CertainTeed Roofing Shingles

The first step is to explore all the shingle styles that appeal to you, for example, solar and slate shingles.

Consider Solar Shingles and Tiles

Consider CertainTeed’s Apollo® II solar shingles and Apollo Tile II solar tiles, as they integrate seamlessly into your roofing system while providing clean, renewable energy.

Explore Slate Tiles 

Explore CertainTeed’s Belmont and Carriage House luxury asphalt shingles, resembling natural slate, but with enhanced durability, reduced weight, and a smaller price tag.

CertainTeed Shingle Colors

Just like choosing the right style of shingles is important, so is selecting the perfect color. CertainTeed understands the significance of color in achieving the ideal aesthetic for your home. Consider how the color interacts with your exterior elements, siding, and the overall environment to create a cohesive and visually appealing look that resonates with your personal taste.

Here are some popular CertainTeed shingle colors:

Weathered Wood: A warm, inviting blend of brown and gray tones reminiscent of natural wood.

Moire Black: A rich, deep black shade that adds a striking contrast to your home’s exterior.

Colonial Slate: A blend of grays, blacks, and greens, giving a sophisticated and classic appearance.

Resawn Shake: A mix of warm brown tones resembling the rustic look of cedar shakes.

Cobblestone Gray: A lighter gray with subtle tones, offering a contemporary and clean aesthetic.

Check the Impact Rating

For areas prone to extreme weather, prioritize shingles with a Class 4 impact rating. CertainTeed shingles undergo rigorous testing and are rated by authorities for their resistance to hail impacts. Many insurance providers offer discounts for impact resistant roofs, making it a sensible choice.

Choose a Strong Warranty

Protect your investment by selecting a solid warranty coverage for both roofing materials and workmanship. CertainTeed offers many types of warranties, including extended coverage, limited lifetime warranties, and more.

Budget and Cost

Budget considerations are paramount. CertainTeed offers options across various price ranges, allowing you to find shingles that align with your budget. You should not only factor in the initial cost, but also the long term value and durability of the shingles.

Keep Up With Local Building Codes and Regulations

Be sure to comply with local building codes and regulations when selecting shingles. Certain areas may have specific requirements regarding roofing materials, resistance level to fire and wind, and more. Choose a CertainTeed roof shingle that meets or exceeds these standards.

Get the Approval of Your Homeowners Association (HOA) 

Living in a community governed by a homeowners association brings forth certain responsibilities, one of which involves adhering to guidelines for exterior alterations, including roofing. Consult your homeowners association before finalizing your choice. HOAs typically have specific guidelines concerning roofing materials, including aspects like type, color, and style. Ensuring your chosen shingles align with these guidelines not only keeps you in compliance, but also helps avoid conflicts.

As a roofing expert, I highly recommend considering high quality shingles from CertainTeed. The variety, durability, and warranty options they offer make for a promising investment that not only enhances your home’s aesthetics but also provides long term protection.

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