There are a few reasons why spring is the best time of year for replacing your roof. The benefits of replacing your roof in spring apply to both the quality of work done and the cost.

Why Spring is the Right Time to Replace Your Roof

From scheduling to weather to cost, spring is when you want to replace your roof.

Roofing Companies are Less Busy

The busy seasons for roofing come in the summer and fall. This is because most people who have been putting off replacing their roofs make sure to do it before winter hits. This leaves roofers’ schedules more open during spring than other times of the year, so setting up an appointment shouldn’t be a hassle.

The Weather is Just Right

Spring offers the best weather conditions you can find when replacing your roof. As long as it’s not raining, everything else is exactly how you want it for a quality roof replacement. You don’t have to worry about humidity causing moisture damage as your roof is replaced, since spring is less humid than summer. Also, spring has enough heat from the sun to allow your new shingles to seal effectively on the roof.

Roofing Prices Are Better in the Spring

Since there aren’t as many people, as usual, getting their roofs replaced, the competition between companies increases which brings down the price. Not only will you not have trouble finding someone with availability, but also companies will want to give you a deal so they get more business during a slow time of year.

When Is It Time to Get Your Roof Replaced?

Here are some signs and situations where you should consider replacing your roof.

Older Home or Damaged Roof

If your roof is damaged, then, of course, you should get the roof replaced. This will make your home safer, and prevent added costs from water damage if rain leaks through your roof currently. Even if your roof isn’t damaged, if you bought a fixer-upper home then it would be smart to consider roof replacement. This depends on how old the home is and if the roof has ever been replaced. You can also look at cheaper homes that need a roof replacement in order to get a better deal if you’re willing to invest in the new roof.

Looking to Increase Energy Efficiency

One of the main drains of energy in many homes is a roof that isn’t designed to be energy efficient. A brand new Energy Star-certified roof will save you tons on annual heating and cooling costs. Plus, you can get a federal tax credit if your new roof is energy efficient enough to qualify.

Changing the Look of Your Home

A great way to make a big difference in your home’s appearance is by replacing the roof. An old, beaten-up roof can make an otherwise good-looking home ugly. There are plenty of materials, shingle styles, and patterns you can choose from, as well as different colors, which allow you to personalize your roof to match the desired style for your home.

Paramount Roofing – Roof Replacements

If you’re thinking about replacing your roof this year, you might as well do it in the spring when conditions are right and you can get a good deal. The experts at Paramount Roofing will be available to help you. We can build you a roof in any style out of any material you would like. So, if you want to upgrade the look of your home, make it safer, or be more energy-efficient, ask us what we recommend for your new roof!

To get a free quote on a roof replacement this spring, give us a call today at (586) 571-9007!

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