What are Ice Dams?

If you live in Michigan or any other cold climate, your roof is at risk of getting Ice dams. Ice Dams are thick ridges of ice that form on the eaves of your roof. They build up when you have a snowy roof and freezing temperatures.

Why Are Ice Dams Bad?

Ice dams are bad because they can tear off gutters and wreck shingles. One of the biggest problems they can cause is a leaky roof. This happens when the melting water that is blocked by the dam builds up and starts to pour into the house. This can be a breeding ground for mildew and a real problem for Michigan roofs.

How Can I Protect my Roof From Ice Dams?

There are a bunch of ways to protect your roof from ice dams and the water damage that they can cause in the winter. Most remedies utilize specialized tools, equipment, or techniques that professional roofers have and know how to use. Installing heat cables, or raking the roof yourself can cause just as much damage to your roof as the ice dams themselves. The easiest and best solution is to get a professional roofer to inspect your home’s roof and clear it of any ice dams or detect any damage that might already be there.

Paramount Roofing is an experienced, professional roofer in Macomb, Michigan. Being a roofer in the Metro Detroit Area, Paramount Roofing is well versed in the techniques and tools needed to make sure your roof is safe and protected from these harsh Michigan winters.

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