Getting a new roof installed is a pretty involved process, one that requires some careful considerations to ensure that you’re getting the best bang for your buck. Every home is different, and every climate will require a different type of roofing material and installation technique to be effective. Because it’s such a major purchase and project, here are some things that you should keep in mind before buying a new roof.

Consider Materials

Make sure you have a lengthy conversation with your roofing contractor about the kind of material you want for your roof. While most people will go with the traditional asphalt shingles due to their low cost, it turns out you get what you pay for: asphalt shingles aren’t nearly as durable as, say, metal, tile, or slate shingles. Take the time to figure out what will work best — and look best — on your home.

Replace, Don’t Just Re-Shingle

While some contractors will want to just add a new layer of shingling on top of your existing roof, this would keep any soft spots or rotten wood from being discovered, potentially letting serious problems go unresolved. Go for the full shebang and consider getting your roof redone from scratch.

Don’t Forget the Noise

While it may seem obvious, a lot of people don’t realize that roofing work is loud. If you’re the kind of person who works nights and sleeps during the day, you could end up needing to sleep through some major work noise. Plan ahead and get some earplugs in advance.

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