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Posted on May 27, 2023


If you have noticed that your roof is leaking, you need to take action before further damage occurs to it. The common signs of a leaking roof from within a building include dark or brown patches on the ceiling, sagging spots, and areas where light from outside shines through the ceiling. Also, if the exterior parts of the roof have rotting, warped, missing, broken, or peeling shingles, you may be dealing with a leaking roof.

Watch out for slow draining gutters and downspouts as well. In case these signs seem familiar with your roof, the first recommended course of action to take is to call a roofing company. As you wait for the roofing experts to arrive at your property, there are several steps you can take to manage the situation. Check them out below.


If your roof is leaking directly above your belongings, ensure that you move them out of the way to prevent further damage. For instance, when you observe that the roof is leaking above your bed, furniture, or clothes, you need to clear the area immediately.

Water damage from a leaking roof can ruin your belongings, thereby costing you more than you had planned. For example, if the roof leaks above your clothes, the fabrics may trap the moisture and produce an unpleasant mildew smell.


Once you move your items away from the leaking area, you need to contain the leaking water. If you have wooden floors or a carpet, the leaking roof may damage your flooring. We recommend grabbing a bucket, towel, can, or any other container that you can use to capture the water before our roofing experts arrive. The containers will reduce the impact of the leaks on your flooring, saving you any flooring repair costs that may be required due to water damage.

The roof tends to leak more when it rains or snows. If it begins to rain again before the roofing company arrives to stop the leaking, make certain that there is a container directly below the leak to contain the water. This is because it is easy to forget to place a container beneath the leak when there is no water leaking at the moment. Also, in order to reduce the likelihood of an overflow, ensure that you change the containers regularly.


Earlier, we mentioned that a sagging spot is one of the commonest signs of a leaking roof. If you spot a sagging spot on your ceiling, it means that the roof is already leaking but the water has yet to penetrate the ceiling. Therefore, instead of waiting for more water to collect on the ceiling, spread out, and cause more severe damage, we recommend poking a tiny hole in the area.

Although this sounds unwise, it will actually help relieve the water pressure, and you can control how you contain the leak instead of waiting for the spot to burst and cause severe water damage to your belongings. Also, if the sagging spot bursts due to the water pressure, a roofing expert will have to repair a larger area on the ceiling, which will cost you more money.

You can use a screwdriver to create a tiny hole at the lowest point of the sagging spot carefully. Ensure that you place a bucket beneath the spot so that you can trap the water. However, ensure that you consult with your roofing company if you should puncture a hole in the bulge before they arrive. The roofing expert might advise you against it or talk you through how to puncture several holes on the sagging spot before they arrive, depending on the severity of the leak.


Repairing a leaking roof can be quite expensive especially if you had not planned for it. To ease your financial burden, we recommend taking pictures of the leaking roof in order to document the damages. Documenting the damages will help you with your home insurance claim in case the damage is eligible.

Also, taking photos not only shows the extent of roof damage caused by the leak, but it also helps capture other items that may be compromised by the leak. For instance, if you had travelled out of town for several days and came back only to find that a roof leak had also damaged your computer, television, furniture, or beddings, your insurance may be able to replace the damaged items in addition to fixing your roof.


Worst-case scenario, your roof is leaking but you cannot get the roof fixed immediately by a roofing company. Whatever the case may be, you can place a tarp over the leaking area to minimize the leak temporarily.

However, covering the hole or crack on the roof with a tarp may not always be helpful in situations where you cannot find the source of the leak. This is why we highly recommend calling a roofing expert immediately once your roof begins to leak so that the professional can find the source of the leak and fix it.


This is the most important step to take when dealing with a leaking roof. Do not attempt to fix your leaking roof on your own because it is a risky procedure that should only be handled by professional roofing experts. The roof might be too steep to climb on your own, and you may not have the right gear to fix a leaking roof.

The best thing you can do is try to manage your environment and minimize the water damage to your property as you wait for a roofing professional to come and fix the roof. An experienced roofer will be able to determine whether your leaking roof needs to be repaired or replaced depending on the amount of damage incurred. The longer you wait to fix a leaking roof, the costlier and more complex its fixing will be.


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