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Posted on May 27, 2023


Any business owner who has replaced the roof of a commercial building knows that it is an expensive project. One way to keep expensive roof replacements at bay is to hire a company to provide regular maintenance to your commercial roof. Just like with everything else, the better you take care of your industrial roof, the better it will take care of you and your business.

Some common problems plaguing business owners with commercial roofs include: tar losing its effectiveness, flashing curling up near vents, valleys holding water due to improper drainage, gutter malfunction, and poor ventilation, and these can all wreak havoc on your commercial roof, and on your bottom line.

Aging commercial roofs in need of maintenance are likely to leak, which can not only result in losses to inventory and equipment but also create serious safety hazards. Water on a tile floor can be a hazard with deadly consequences and we all know that mold can grow in dark, damp, areas, which can have serious health implications for those who breathe the air. Keep your workers safe and your inventory and equipment dry by maintaining your commercial roof regularly.

Because the average person is not able to spot weakening tar, aging flashing, ventilation deficiencies, and rotting behind gutters, it is important to have your commercial roof inspected and maintained regularly. As flashings curl, and water pools in valleys, your commercial roof is not only subject to leaks, but it is also subject to accelerated wearing, resulting in a potentially costly commercial roof replacement.

If you’re looking for a company to inspect and maintain a commercial roof, it is important to find one that specializes in commercial roofing installation and repairs. Paramount Building is the clear choice when seeking a trusted roofing company, so contact us today for a free estimate!