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10 Highest Rated Roofing Companies In Macomb, MI

Posted on November 5, 2023

10 Highest Rated Roofing Companies In Macomb, MI

Macomb, Michigan has no shortage of good roofing companies. However, each company specializes in different roofing systems, products, and services. Some are shingle roofing professionals, while others excel in metal or commercial roofing. Moreover, only a few of them can provide excellent customer service and cost effective solutions.

So, to help you select the right team of professionals, we’ve created a list of the top roofing companies in Macomb, MI. We’ve carefully analyzed their services, workmanship quality, feedback from real customers, and more, to help you find the best contractor for your needs.

Best Roofing Companies in Macomb, MI

Please note that we have not ranked these companies in any specific order, and they own the rights to the information we’ve shared about their company in this blog post. 

#1 Paramount Roofing

Roofing Companies in Macomb, MI

Paramount Roofing is an award-winning roofing company that has been serving the community since 2013. With over 100 years of combined experience, their team takes pride in assuring 100% client satisfaction and building long-lasting relationships with their customers. The company’s values revolve around maintaining the highest standards of integrity and a positive attitude. They’re self-driven, passionate about their work, and dedicated to being customer-oriented. Paramount Roofing places a strong emphasis on company pride and teamwork. When it comes to roofing services, they offer easy roof financing through their renowned partners and specialize in emergency roofing solutions, available 24/7 to protect homes and buildings. Paramount Roofing has also earned the 2020 Angie’s List Super Service Award, reflecting their dedication to exceptional customer service, reliability, and timeliness. You can rely on their responsible and talented roofers for exceptional roofing services in Macomb, MI.

#2 Schoenherr Roofing

Schoenherr Roofing is a renowned name in the roofing and exterior remodeling industry in Michigan. They have a legacy of over 25 years, proudly serving southeast and southwest Michigan, including Macomb. Recognizing the energy-efficient, and aesthetic role that roofs play, they offer a spectrum of roofing solutions to increase the value of your home. From the versatility of asphalt composite shingles to the durability of metal, Schoenherr Roofing does everything with precision. Moreover, they also handle solar panel installation, combining protection with energy savings. Their expertise also extends to swift and expert roof repairs, addressing a wide array of issues.

#3 Weatherseal Home Improvements

Weatherseal Home Improvements is among the most trusted roofing companies in Macomb, MI, and has been protecting homes for over 35 years. Their commitment to providing only high quality products has made them a reputable name in the industry. The company specializes in complete roof replacements, and its expert team ensures that each project is executed efficiently and within the customer’s budget. With a wealth of experience in residential roofing, the team is able to work on large projects, adhering to set timelines and budgets. Beyond roofing, Weatherseal Home Improvements offers a wide range of home improvement services, including replacement windows and insulation.

#4 Olson Roofing and Siding Inc.

Olson Roofing and Siding Inc. is also one of the best residential roofing companies in town. They’ve been providing reliable services for over 25 years throughout southeast Michigan. Their team proudly offers quality assurance, and their certified inspectors and installers guarantee safe and effective work. Their professional team stays up to date with the latest research and technology and participates in professional developmental programs. They also have Haag certified inspectors on staff, so you’ll feel confident that you’re getting an honest and accurate roof assessment.

#5 Roofing Above All – Ridgecon Construction

Ridgecon Construction, better known as Roofing Above All, is a family-owned roofing company that falls among the most friendly and trusted residential roofing contractors in Macomb, who have been serving the area for over 20 years. Roofing Above All is a company that prioritizes not just your roof, but the well-being of their customers. In addition to roofing, they offer gutter, siding, and skylight replacement services. With an impressive record and portfolio, Roofing Above All is a good choice for Macomb homeowners who are looking for affordable roofing services. As a local business, they believe in hands-on, personalized service and community spirit to make a positive impact.

#6 Exterior Renovations LLC

Exterior Renovations LLC, a trusted roofing company in Macomb, has been serving the residents for many years. Specializing in residential and commercial roofing, the company is focused on maintaining the durability and efficiency of the roofing systems they work on. Over the years, they’ve also earned recognition as a CertainTeed ShingleMaster™.  Exterior Renovations LLC also offers extended manufacturer warranties, delivers superior workmanship, and provides expert guidance throughout the roofing process. Overall, their work history and excellent customer service make them a good choice for property owners in and around Macomb.

#7 J&J Roofing

With a legacy spanning over 30 years, J&J Roofing, a family-owned company, stands out as a reputable residential roofing contractor in Macomb, MI. From prompt roof repairs to extensive storm damage restoration, they offer multiple roofing services. Their experienced team offers superior craftsmanship and prioritizes thorough site cleanup and respect for the customers. They also focus on using top grade products backed by industry leading warranties, giving peace of mind to all homeowners they serve.

#8 BCD Roofing

BCD Roofing, with a history dating back to 2004, is a trusted roofing partner in Macomb. Specializing in roof repairs, inspections, and replacements, BCD Roofing is known for its expertise and passion. The team there understands the inconvenience of roofing issues and strives to make the process as easy as possible. With a focus on timely service, transparent pricing, and a commitment to safety, they’ve earned the trust of homeowners and businesses. Their team of experienced roofers, some with over 15 years with the company, guarantees seamless services.

#9 Premiere Roofing Macomb

Premiere Roofing Macomb is among the top rated roofing companies in Macomb, MI, with a rich history of family values and customer commitment. Serving commercial and residential property owners in Macomb, they offer extensive roofing services, from asphalt shingles to metal and composite roofs. Their experienced team ensures high customer satisfaction, delivering competitive quotes without compromising on workmanship quality. Roofing Macomb’s well-trained professionals also follow a step-by-step process to guarantee a reliable roofing experience for their clients.

#10 Quality Over Quantity Everytime

Quality Over Quantity Everytime is a renowned roofing company in Macomb, MI. Established on integrity, transparent pricing, and superior customer service, this roofing company has earned a good reputation in the area. Specializing in roof installation, inspection, repair, and replacement, they offer expert solutions for residential and commercial properties. Known for their expertise in asphalt and metal roofing, their team guarantees every roof they touch remains durable and weather tight.

In the thriving roofing industry of our state, it’s evident that homeowners and businesses have access to a variety of top tier roofing companies. Each of these companies brings its unique strengths to the table, catering to diverse requirements and roofing needs. Whether you’re looking for exceptional customer service, high-quality workmanship, or cost-effective solutions, there’s a roofing company in Macomb for you.

When selecting a roofing company, consider the type of roofing system, materials, and services that best suit your property. You might also want to weigh the importance of integrity, customer satisfaction, and affordability in the roofing contractor you choose when it comes to the decision-making process.