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11 Highly Recommended Commercial Roofing Companies In Sterling Heights, MI

Posted on October 18, 2023

11 Highly Recommended Commercial Roofing Companies In Sterling Heights, MI

Did you know commercial roofing projects are always a little dangerous, intricate, and delicate? To ensure safety, savings, and zero errors, you must evaluate the top commercial roofing companies in your area to find the best fit for you.

To help building owners and managers in Michigan, we’ve assessed and selected the 11 best roofing companies in Sterling Heights that have retained many happy customers over the years.

11 Highest Rated Roofing Companies in Sterling Heights, MI

The roofing companies we’ve selected are not ranked in a particular order. They’ve won a place on this list due to their expertise, positive feedback from real customers, quality of workmanship, and multiple achievements.

#1 Paramount Roofing

Roofing Companies Sterling Heights MI

Based in Romeo, Paramount Roofing has been serving Sterling Heights and the nearby areas for many years. The company stands as a hallmark of excellence, offering a combination of world-class products, workmanship, and a customer-centered approach that’s hard to match. With remarkable industry experience, their team brings decades of expertise and polished skills to the table, ensuring smooth and flawless roofing services. Paramount Roofing garnered the prestigious 2020 Angie’s List Super Service Award and many other accolades due to its tremendous efforts. Homeowners are quick to recommend them for their cost-effective solutions, local expertise and global standards, making them the go-to roofing experts in Michigan. This company isn’t just a service provider. Their team is known for being a reliable partner in installing and repairing all types of commercial roofing systems with the utmost skill. If you are looking for a premium commercial roofing company in Sterling Heights, MI, Paramount Roofing is your best option.

#2 Mighty Dog Roofing

Mighty Dog Roofing is a standout choice for businesses in and around Sterling Heights, Michigan. Their expertise in roof inspection, repairs, replacement, and maintenance is highly regarded. By only utilizing top-quality materials, they prioritize the longevity and durability of every roof they touch. People who have experienced their exceptional services recommend Mighty Dog Roofing due to their reliable inspections, honest recommendations, and timely, professional execution. When it comes to securing your business, Mighty Dog Roofing is a name that stands on its own, recommended by those who have witnessed their expertise.

#3 Four Seasons Kanga Roof

Four Seasons Kanga Roof is among the most acknowledged commercial roofing companies in Sterling Heights, MI. Their commitment to adhering to city building codes while delivering secure, efficient roofs sets them apart. A hallmark of excellence, they boast timely project completion, adhering to budgets without compromising quality. Their partnerships with renowned suppliers ensure access to bulk roofing materials at discounted rates, translating to cost-effective solutions for clients. Property managers praise Four Seasons Kanga Roof for their superior products, exceptional customer service, and expertise in flat roof inspections.

#4 Premier Roofing and Renovations

Premier Roofing and Renovations, a roofing company rooted in Southeast Michigan, stands out in the commercial roofing realm. Their expertise in flat roofing systems, spanning from modified bitumen to EPDM and TPO membranes, sets them apart. With over two decades of collective roofing and restoration experience, they’ve earned a reputation for excellence, having gained trust through their family-operated approach. Property managers appreciate their cost-effective solutions, offering protection while keeping energy costs in check. Their clients praise their attention to detail, especially when it comes to major repairs and replacements where they seamlessly blend quality and affordability.

#5 Pankow n Sons Roofing

Pankow n Sons Roofing, an esteemed roofing company in Warren, MI, has gained recognition for their exceptional commercial roofing services over the last decade. Their offerings include swift storm damage repair, meticulous roof inspections, precise repairs, seamless roof replacements, and expertise in a range of roofing types, including flat, metal, and TPO systems. Customers highly recommend this roofing contractor in Sterling Heights, praising their attention to detail and efficient handling of storm damage. Their reputable partnerships and commitment to quality have solidified their standing as a trusted roofing provider in the area.

#6 ACS Roofing Inc

ACS Roofing Inc. stands out as another reliable commercial roofing company serving Sterling Heights and nearby areas. They are distinguished by their top-tier craftsmanship and materials. Their flat roofs are a testimony to their ability to provide a durable and weather-resistant roofing system, utilizing products from the industry’s most renowned suppliers. Customers commend ACS Roofing Inc. for their tailored approach, adapting their skills to the unique contours of each roof. From hotels seeking a blend of elegance and endurance, to malls desiring a modern touch and office buildings requiring a sleek aesthetic, ACS Roofing Inc. delivers excellent roof repairs and installations.

#7 Platinum Roofing

Platinum Roofing is regarded as one of the best commercial roofing contractors in Sterling Heights, MI. Offering a diverse range of roofing options like EPDM, TPO, metal roofs, and silicone coatings, they ensure the best protection and aesthetic appeal for commercial buildings. Their expertise with EPDM roofs, known for their durability and affordability, has earned them widespread acclaim. Customers, impressed by their professionalism and superior customer service, recommend them for their range of roofing solutions tailored to individual needs.

#8 RestoreMasters

RestoreMasters is a renowned commercial roofing company with a strong reputation in Michigan. Recognized as one of the National Top 100 Roofing Contractors, their extensive expertise encompasses a wide range of roofing projects, from minor repairs to complex multi-building endeavors, covering diverse property sectors such as hotels, condominiums, historical sites, and more. Satisfied customers frequently recommend RestoreMasters, for their prompt response and seamless handling of large projects, further reinforcing their position as a dependable partner for business owners.

#9 First Response Roofing and Construction, LLC 

First Response Roofing and Construction, LLC was established with a strong foundation 22 years ago. This company has garnered praise for being among the top dependable commercial roofing contractors in Sterling Heights, and the surrounding areas in Michigan. From efficient roof repairs to cutting-edge spray foam applications, they cover a diverse range of services. Countless customers have recommended them, citing timely emergency response, reliable maintenance, and insightful roofing consultations.

#10 Mr. Roof

Mr. Roof is another renowned roofing powerhouse with a legacy of over 60 years, highly regarded for world-class commercial roofing materials and flawless services. With the title of #1 roofer in Southeast Michigan, and a string of Consumer Choice Awards, their excellence is undeniable. They take pride in offering lifetime warranties, sealing their commitment to quality. Customers applaud their speedy, single-day installations and thorough inspections for durability.

#11 Detroit Roofers

Detroit Roofers is a Michigan-based roofing company serving Sterling Heights and the nearby areas. They prioritize safety, thorough training, and stringent hiring practices, underlining their commitment to your building’s safety and your unique requirements. Detroit Roofers offers a wide range of commercial and industrial roofing services, always delivered with punctuality and respect. Highly recommended by satisfied building managers, Detroit Roofers has garnered accolades for their excellent customer service, competitive pricing, and quality workmanship.

End Note With Tips From Industry Experts

We encourage readers to conduct their own research and due diligence before making any decisions regarding roofing services. The suitability of a roofing company may vary based on individual preferences, project requirements, and other factors. We aim to guide you in finding the best options for your commercial roofing needs in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

If you’re looking for commercial roof repair, replacement, or maintenance services in Sterling Heights, you need to consider various local factors. Given the region’s diverse weather patterns, ranging from winter snow to humid summers, durability is paramount. 

When selecting a roofing company, keep local rates and material availability in mind to ensure the project aligns with your budget and timeline. Reach out to local suppliers and contractors to gauge the availability and pricing of materials suited for your location. Consider getting multiple quotes from reputable companies, allowing you to make an informed decision that aligns with both your needs and the unique conditions of Sterling Heights. 

By prioritizing quality, cost-efficiency, and reliability, you’ll be well on your way to safeguarding your property with a durable and weather-resistant roofing solution.