Save Your Roof From Strong Winds and Flying Debris

    Wind DamageFrom snowfall and freezing temperatures in the winter to humidity and severe thunderstorms in the summer, southeast Michigan has its fair share of variable weather conditions all year-round. One thing is common among each and every season: strong winds. Whether it’s ice-cold or red-hot outdoors, wind conditions are a constant threat to our homes and to our roofing infrastructure.

    Even though a new roof is supposed to sustain many kinds of natural elements, roof wind damage is significant for a number of reasons. Most roofs can sustain high winds, even as fast as 90 mph. Now, it’s rare that Macomb, Oakland, St. Clair, and Lapeer Counties see wind speeds this high, but it has happened, and homeowners eventually pay the price. According to the National Severe Storms Laboratory, severe thunderstorms account for half of all roofing damage in almost every single state in the country.

    So, although wind can produce significant damage to our roofing in southeast Michigan, like in Romeo, Washington, and other areas, it is just one piece to the natural element puzzle that we need to think about. Along with strong winds can bring hailstones, heavy rainfall or snowfall, flying debris, fallen tree branches, and more threats to our roofing. Paramount Roofing has been an expert with house roof repair for years, and you can trust us as one of the best local roofing companies in southeast Michigan!

    What To Do If You Suspect Wind Damage To Your Roof

    After a big storm with reportedly high wind speeds, wait until it is safe to go outside and inspect the area around your home. Check for shingles or shakes on the ground, gutter damage, debris, tree branches, and any other noticeable signs of damage caused by the storm. If you see any signs of wind damage, don’t hesitate to call us at Paramount Roofing! The longer you wait for roof repair solutions, the better your chances are at encountering even worse damage later on.

    Wind Damaged Roof

    If you do a walk around of your home, and you see these signs of damage, call our roofing contractor for emergency roof repair services. The last thing you want to do is assume that the extent of the damage is not as serious. This is because things like metal roofing flashing, sealants, and other infrastructure may be damaged and can cause water damage, heat or air loss, and other serious issues.

    Paramount Roofing Offers 24/7 Wind Damage Repair

    When natural disasters strike, Paramount Roofing is ready. We know that a severely damaged roof can compromise the safety and comfort of your family, so we are an emergency roof repair company whenever you need it. We also work with most insurance companies and offer several financing options. This includes 12-month plans, cash plans, and reduced interest rates with 5-to-10-year terms.

    If storm damage in southeast Michigan has battered your roof over time, we can install a brand-new roof quickly and affordably. We are a Select ShingleMaster Roofer, and we only use the finest CertainTeed shingles, including Landmark Pro shingles and Grand Manor shingles. Choose from a wide variety of colors, styles, and price points. Then, enjoy a high-quality, beautiful new roof with tons of curb appeal that will last for years of detrimental natural elements not to mention enhance the value of your home.

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    In addition to a full roofing estimate, we also offer free storm damage inspections. Call Paramount Roofing, one of the best roofing companies in Macomb, Oakland, St. Clair, and Lapeer Counties. Also, ask about our roof restoration programs to extend the life of your roof construction through regular roof maintenance.