Searching for a reliable roof repair contractor in Lake Orion, MI? Whether your roof is damaged after a severe rain or hail storm or it’s showing visible signs of wear and tear, you can trust a professional roofing team to get the job done right. In addition to damage that’s easily visible from ground level, roofs are also vulnerable to hidden damage that can only be detected with a detailed inspection.

Experienced roofers have the appropriate tools and equipment to safely navigate your entire roof to check for leaks and other issues. Once they assess the situation and determine the scope of the damage, you’ll be provided with a detailed estimate before your roofers get to work!

Expert Roof Repair Services in Lake Orion

When properly installed and maintained, asphalt shingle roofs can last up to 20 years, while slate, copper and tile roofs can last approximately 50 years. Depending on the underlying composition, some flat roofs can last for several decades. Whatever type of materials your existing roof is made of, after it reaches its peak age you may start to notice signs of general wear and tear.

Ripped shingles, missing granules and damaged gutters or downspouts are all signs that your roof may need repairs. If you’ve spotted water stains on your interior ceiling or if there’s water dripping into your home after a storm, you may need roof leak repair service.

If suspect your roof may need repairs, you may notice some of these telltale signs. Contact us immediately to schedule standard roof repairs or roof leak repair services if you spot any of these issues!
  • Water stains on int7erior ceilings or walls
  • Ripped off shingles
  • Faded or weakened roofing materials
  • Asphalt shingles with missing granules

Some signs that your home or business may be in need of flat roof repair include visible rips and tears in the roofing materials, pooling water and water spots. You may also notice that the flashing has separated along the seams. If your flat roofing system has any of these issues, it’s important to schedule flat roof repair services as soon as possible. Loose flashing can make your roof more vulnerable to leaks, and water spots on the roof itself or on the interior ceiling can indicate a weakened roof structure.