As we approach the colder months of the year, Michigan winters and the constant snowfall can be detrimental to the overall infrastructure of your roofing. Since you know right now that the winter months are inevitable, let the roofers at Paramount Roofing help you prepare yourselves properly before you encounter the worst of wintery weather.

While there might be subtle ways to get your home ready, you should let the professional roofers here at Paramount Roofing handle all the areas in and around your roof so you have a professional inspection. The last thing you want is to do a DIY inspection and miss something that could potentially cause significant issues during the winter.

Let us walk you through some of the steps the Paramount Roofing roofers will take in order to get your home ready for those ugly winter storms.

We’ll Check All Areas for Potential Repairs

From a ground-level once-over to identifying specific problem areas, Paramount Roofing will catch those leaks, cracks, and aging infrastructure that the everyday homeowner can overlook. Snow is a heavy, dense natural element. Therefore, any sign of cracking or shifting in the roof or roofing shingles is a recipe for a disaster. That’s not all! If your roofing shows signs of aging or deteriorating infrastructure, your gutters and downspouts are likely to be in similar condition. Not only will we clean these areas of leaves and debris, but we’ll inspect them so ice dams can’t form within.

How to Prevent the Roof from Collapsing

If you are expecting a big snowfall in the coming days, make sure to give us a call to schedule a time to come out and remove the snow professionally from your roof. Homeowners can do their part temporarily by standing on ground level and utilizing a snow rake to remove accessible snow. Though, since snow can be dangerous — considering it might produce sleet or ice, call the professionals at Paramount Roofing to come out and strategically remove as much snow from the roof as possible.

We’ll also check your doorways, windows and window panes, siding, and any other inspected areas in need of repair or replacement. If you have a detached garage, garden shed, or other structures detached from the home, we’ll be sure to check these structures for any potential issues.

Inside Is Just as Important as Outside

Our roofing work extends into the inside of your home, as well. Insulation in the roof is what keeps your home warm in the winter. Therefore, if your home insulation is crumbling or old, it is highly advised to replace insulation immediately before the colder weather comes. You won’t believe how much more energy and natural gas you’ll save once brand new insulation is installed. The main difference is just the amount your HVAC has to work to keep inputting heat into your home. With new insulation, energy and natural gas bills are proven to be reduced.

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